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Must Eat Rice Co.

Must Eat Rice Co.
Beyond Rice & Soy Sauce

Tired of shopping all over to find all your favorite snacks? Or lugging your favorite chili sauce or spices in your suitcase every time your visit home? You want to experience new foods and flavors, but don't know what to eat or how to eat it? We're here to help!!

Founded to save busy people, especially mothers, trips to the often not-so-easy-to-navigate Asian grocery stores. When it comes to specialized Asian groceries, our choices were limited. We could either brave the crowd and hectic parking lot with kids in tow, or we could pay hefty prices and/or shipping charges in order to get that particular spice or ingredient needed. We soooooooo wished there was a site with good selection, competitive prices and reasonable minimal order threshold to get FREE SHIPPING! We waited and waited until it became apparent to us that we should open a online store we would love to shop ourselves. Now that we did it, we hope Must Eat Rice is THE store for us as much as for those of you whose schedule is as hectic as ours, those who live too far from well stocked Asian markets, or those who have a passion for Asian foods but are a bit intimidated to venture into "no English" markets.

Must Eat Rice Co's goal is to provide a wide selection of Asian ingredients, sauces, spices, snacks, candy, noodles and rice at a competitive pricing delivered FREE to your doorsteps. It is still at its early stage of development and is adding new products on a daily basis, but we hope that in time, whether what you look for is Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai or Vietnamese, we have got them for you.

Happy cooking!